The Best Restaurants To Visit In Namibia

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The one thing that we all have in common is visiting that one place that really stir our taste and bud sensations. How can I end this series without food? Indeed during your visit to Namibia it is important knowing that even though Namibia is almost situated in the middle of nowhere that there are still some restaurant you can visit no matter your what type of food you love the most.

The most ideal approach to acknowledge Namibia is with an auto, so plan to spend some cash for auto employ. The huge expense toward the begin will be recuperated by outdoors in some of its pleasant destinations. Do great research into what you need to do and goals that most interest to you. Concentrate on critical goals: there is such a great amount to see, there is no opportunity to see them all. Removes in this limitless nation are critical. Bring some outdoors garments and outfits, else, you don’t require excessively of city garments.


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Restaurant  Gathemann

175 Indepence Avenue,

Windhoek, Namibia

+264 61 223 853

Restaurant Gathemann offer different menus and deserts to die for or almost. This restaurant is the one to be if you love fine dining.


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photo credited by Sicilian Ristorante fb

Ristorante Sicilia

cnr Garten and Independence Avenue,

Windhoek, Namibia

+264 61 225 600

Ristorante Sicilia has over 10 choices of pizza to choose from, fresh seafood, home made pasta and lots of specials to choose from. Don’t forget to check out their top 10 dishes.


Did you know that over 5 million pizzas are sold world wide each year?


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Cordes & Co

23 Daniel Tjongarero Street, Swakopmund, Namibia, 9000

+264 64 400 977

If you like coffee shops or restaurants you will absolutely love this one.

They serve breakfast, coffee, drinks and lunches.





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Swakopmund Indoor Sports Centre

Welwitshia Streets

Swakopmund, Namibia, 9000

081 140 7722/081 774 2048

Wow this is the restaurant to visit and they have got so much to offer. Not only do they serve almost anything from coffee to cakes, but short workshops as well. Check out their Facebook page to see everything and more.


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Bojos Cafe

Swakopmund, Namibia

+264 64 400 774

They offer different specials on different days like Bacon and Onion Tartlet served with a salad and potato salad. One thing that I love about their menu is that it is not only interesting but inspiring as well.

Below every new daily special menu there will be an inspiration message. This is not something that you see every single day but it is definitely something that will make you think…..



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Village Cafe

23 Sam Nujoma Drive

900 Swakopmund, Namibia

+264 64 404 723

Don’t expect a complicated menu because this is simple food but presented in a fantastic way. The portions are big, staff very friendly but you will come back since the atmosphere almost make it feels like home.




picture credited by Te’Leke Foods @FB

Te’Leke Foods

In our language Afrikaans this word basically stands for “Te Lekker”. This is how we talk when we really love something a lot. Expect chicken and simple food on a “braai”. This is the best way to get any family together. They also serve burgers, sushi and salads….


+081 399 5040/081 129 6179


Photo credited by Yokohama Sushi Bar @FB

Yokohama Sushi Bar

Sam Najoma Avenue Shop 122,

264 Walvis Bay,

+264 81 489 4264

Look out for the Nama salmon platter; they do sell single portions, a salmon platter, sodas and a Temputation platter. All their platters are fresh and they are closed on Sundays.



photo credited by Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Bar Lounge @FB

Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Daniel Tjongarero 37,

Swakopmund, Namibia, 6000

+264 64  400 133

This is the place to be if you love cocktails, sushi, cuisines, seafood and great interior. They also serve chips and great entertainment.





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Jetti 1905

This restaurant has a story of its own and this story started in 1904; after many years of challenges it finally opened its doors on 6 October 2006. This restaurant is built on top of a pier or jetty and today it is not only a very famous restaurant but landmark as well.

Jetti 1905, On the Jetti Bridge,

A. Schad Promenade,

Swakopmund, Namibia, +264 64 405 664


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Secret Garden Bistro

This is a definite must if you love pizza and snacks; not only do they serve pizza but wine, salsa, pasta and soup.

36 Bismarck Street,

Swakopmund, 9000

+264 85 643 8677




photo credited by Bits ‘N Pizzas@FB

Bits n Pizzas

Bits ‘n Pizzas have a big variety on their menu like meat & fish dishes, hot drinks, and other extras as well as starters, pastas, light meals, salads and over 30 pizza choices. 
It is the perfect restaurant to go with your family no matter what their choices might be.
Sam Nujome Ave,
Swakopmund, Namibia
+026 81 726 3126





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Michael’s Lucky Food

Am Ankerplatz im Woerman,

Brock Hauz,

Swakpmund, Namibia

+264 81 653 1133

This menu is German related but don’t be surprised to expect things like breakfast, schnitzel, currywurst, burgers, pizzas, soft drinks and a whole lot more….

22 Degrees South (Swakopmund)

The Tug (Swakopmund)

Anchors @ The Jetty (Walvis Bay)


The Best Restaurants To Visit

Travelling around the world is one of the things everyone wants to do. Even if not the whole world, there are few favorites where we want to go and enjoy to the fullest. But as we know, travelling, it comes with a cost and we all want to save as much as we can so we could just travel. From travelling to accommodation to eating good food, you save that money to travel to your favourite places. And each of these things are important. Like there is no compromise when it comes to food, right? Here is one thing you can do while traveling and trying out new restaurants. You can save your money.

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