Australia image by Pixabay.comVisit the best 50 top attractions in Australia that you really need to visit. If you are a backpacker or want to visit the beauty of this country it is important to know what Australia has to offer.

This is one of the countries that have so many attractions and cities like Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Alice Springs, Great Barrier Reef and Sydney that you won’t sit still for one second.  Read More….


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Visit one of the most beautiful places on earth.

There are so many different reasons to visit Namibia and one them are the fact that Namibia is known as the Gem of Africa. There are over 2500 cheetas in Namibia but photographers absolutely love Namibia.

The Kalahari and the Namib desert can be found here as well. Etosha National Park house Africa’s tallest elephants, the rhino and over 80+ different mammals.

Don’t forget to visit Dragon’s Breath, the San Bushmen and be sure to have a look around at the ancient rock paintings. There are so many fantastic reasons to visit Namibia and here are only a few of the most beautiful places in Namibia.  Read More…



8 stunning cities to visit in Portugal

Portugal when it comes to beauty, the country knows how to hold its ground. Here are the eight stunning cities of Portugal you need to know about

Lisbon is the largest and the capital city of Portugal. It’s one of the most charismatic cities of Portugal.

With liberal thinking running in the city, traditional heritage being followed, and striking modernism, the city is one of its kind.

If you love beaches, Algarve is the most perfect place for you. A city blessed with stunning beaches, beautiful climate, making itself the most perfect holiday destination. Come here and get all the love from Algarve.

Sintra, a place full of beauty, mystery and enthralling nature. A city built in such a perfect way that it has been listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You wouldn’t want to miss seeing this beauty at any cost. 

A city famous for its port wine production and stately bridges. It’s a place which is famous for its street life. So if you love to roam around, Porto is the perfect place for you to visit. 

Portugal’s most exciting, historic and fascinating city is Coimbra without a doubt. Apart from being beautiful, the city has some of the world’s oldest universities which makes it pretty ancient and rich in history. 

Funchal Madeira:
A city with perfect sunny location and a great atmosphere to offer. With centuries old cathedrals, roman squares, the city is enriched with culture and heritage. If you love to explore culture, this is the right place for you. 

Vila Franco Do Campo:
A city which looks like a small paradise. It is off the shore and provides amazing view and experience to people who visit it. 

1.      Azores:
With beautiful green landscapes, the city is loved by many. A land of natural beauty is a must place to visit. Read More…




carribean-islands-travel-around-the-world-co-zaThe Best Islands to Visit:


  1. Jamaica Island:
    Enriched with amazing wildlife and beautiful flora, the Jamaica Island is loved by many. It offers the famous Reggae music scene. The island also has the best golf courses.

  2. Grand Cayman:
    It is one of the largest islands of Caribbean. Whether you are looking for perfect night life, compete relaxation or perfect dinning. This is the most perfect island for you.

    Puerto Rico:
    From beautiful beaches to natural forests. The island is enriched with history and so much beauty. It also offers amazing food and great nearby places to stay. Visit this island and have the best time.

    Enriched with white sand beaches, Barbados Island is one of its kind. A beautiful island with great hotels and fun activities to do.

    Aruba because it provides best accommodations, great resorts and hotel is considered as one of the best islands of Caribbean. It offers number of activities and is a beautiful island to visit.

    St.  John:
    Though it’s a small island, but it offer great beauty and serenity. People love it here.

    The volcanic island enriched with mountains and a great view to offer. The island is all you are looking for.

    A well-known beach providing turquoise water, amazing views and what not.

    An island famous for hiking, kayaking and is considered a great place for shopping too.

    A beautiful beach where you can spend time with your loved ones. It offers amazing serenity and tranquility.

    St Juan:

    One of the largest island, providing people the fun that they need. And making sure they have an amazing time. Read More…



(5) OMAN

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10 Best Places To Visit In Oman

Muscat, Nizwa, Wahiba Sands, Musandam Fjords, Ras al Jinz, Jebel Akhdar, Salalah, Bahla, Masirah Island, Misfat al Abryeen,

Read More…



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10 Incredible Places to Visit In Malaysia

A view places that is a must see on any list are Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves Selangor, Cameron Highlands, Kinabalu Park Sabah, Gunung Mulu National Park, Perhentian Island Terengganu, KLCC Park, Bukit Bintang, Kek Lok Si and Taman Negara. Read More…


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Cyprus A City Of Historical Beauty

Cyprus is one of those places that will take you back in time.

There are so much to do and to see especially if you love museums, old buildings, castles and history.

There are quite a few places that are very popular to see and go. Cyprus’s main city is Lefcosia (Nicosia), Gazimagusa or otherwise known as Famagusta, Girne, Guzyurt, Lefke and Yeni Iskele.

The total population isn’t that big but it is definitely not an excuse to skip this historical country. Read More…


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Experience Portugese and Chinese Cultures With Macau

Macau (Macao ) is a not so small island about 60 (1)km west of Hong Kong .

According to the world Atlas this small little island has the second highest life expectancy in the world even though they are one of the smallest .

A few tourism sites to visit are Handover Gifts Museum ,Science Centre , Taipa Houses Museum and Tap Seac Gallery. Read More…


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If you love James Bond movies you will fall in love with a country so diverse, colorful and surprising.

One of the movies that were ever created at Yerebatan Sarayi (underground cistern).

It is the type of country that are so diverse that it is offering something for every possible tourist.

The mountains are a kaleidoscope of different colors; the waters are shades of blue and in one word it can be describe as a colorful mosaic I guess that are two words.

There are so many places and attractions to visit that you might want to return in the near future. Some attractions are just to name a few Pergamon, Yaliboyu Houses in Amasya, Lycian Way, Sumela Monastery, Topkapi Palace, take a beautiful breathtaking ferry ride at The Bosphorus, Lake Van or create your own itinerary. Read More…


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The 10 Best Voted Beaches In The World

Tikehau Island (French Polynesia), Dreamland Beach (Bali), Bathsheba Beach (Barbeidos), Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman), Horsehoebay (Bermuda), Harbour Island (Bahamas), Blue Beach (La Chiva), Waipoe Valley Beach (Big Island Hawaii), Lindquist Beach St. Thomas and Orient Bay Beach (St. Martin).


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