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Kakadu National Park is one of the largest terrestrial national parks of Australia.

The national park is almost 20,000 square kilometres. It’s a place with enormous biological and ecological diversity. From the coast in the north through billabongs, floodplains, lowlands to rocky ridges, the park has been extended. All these landscapes are home to endemic and rare animals and plants which includes more than one-third of Australia’s bird species.

1. Kakadu National Park

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Kakadu National Park is one of the largest terrestrial national parks of Australia. The national park is almost 20,000 square kilometres. It’s a place with enormous biological and ecological diversity. From the coast in the north through billabongs, floodplains, lowlands to rocky ridges, the park has been extended.

All these landscapes are home to endemic and rare animals and plants which includes more than one-third of Australia’s bird species. There are number of places to do, number of places to go to. Once you arrive here, you will find how many things are there to do.

If you love to roam and explore places, Kakadu National Park would be an amazing choice. The place is so beautiful, it’s considered a World Heritage Site so you must have an idea how amazing this place would be.

The tours of the place include ranger guided activities, as I have said there is always so much to do here. Join the rangers for fun activities throughout the national park, which would include amazing art site walks, weaving and painting demonstration and so much more.

There are boat tours as well, they take you the local wild life and to the amazing wetlands. You will meet amazing people here who will tell you why they call Kakadu their home.

From fishing and boating to taking scenic flights to swimming to seeing amazing waterfalls, bird watching, amazing tours, rangers activities to events, to finding outstanding food places. The place is one of its kind. It has got everything one can ask for. Just go here and have the time of your life.

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  • Where to eat – MiMi’s Restaurant
  • Where to stay – Aurora Kakadu Hotel

2. Karijini National Park 

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Karijini National Park is a national park which is situated in Western Australia, in the dynamic region. In Western Australia it is the second largest national park and is also ranked as one of the top five visiting places of the state.

The park is an iconic, beautiful and nature based destination which offers not only diverse, unique landscape but an unforgettable experience to visitors who come to see this beautiful park.

Karijini is famous for its spectacular gorger, dramatic creeks, and chasms up to 100 meter deep.

The National park protects many wildlife habitats, there are beautiful landscapes, plants and animals too. There are many wildflowers which grow according to their seasons. When it’s winter, the land is covered with yellow cassias and wattles, purple mulla-mulla and northern bluebells making the garden looks astonishing. It is also home to a variety of birds such as euros, kangaroos, echidnas and several other species.

The beautiful waterfalls, hidden pools and such an impressing wildlife. The park is considered one of the best places for nature lovers. There is also a north side of this national park, where small creeks are hidden in the hillsides. It is dry most of the year.

But it suddenly out of nowhere plunges into chasms which are about 100 meters deep. They are the park’s famous gorges. Beautiful but can be extremely dangerous. If you even go further downstream these sheer cliffs changes into slopes of loose rocks.

A perfect place for wanders who like to explore. With the beautiful wildlife and so much of nature, it is going to an amazing experience for you.

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3. The Pinnacles (Cervantes)

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The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles remained unknown in Australia until 1967, later when Nambung National park was built in 1994, then it got recognized.

It’s a beautiful desert landscape in Nambung National Park, where you will get to see the weathered rock which spires of the Pinnacles and rise out of yellow sand dunes.

The park is on the deep blue India ocean side along with an idyllic stretch of coast. It’s a three hour’s drive north of Perth.

Once you reach the park, go to the Pinnacles and witness the beauty of this desert yourself. Staying in the fishing village of Cervantes would be an amazing decision as there are white beaches,

Lake Thetis, coral reefs and salt lake teeming with living fossils. There is a beautiful wildlife in Baggingarra and you can also discover Juries Bay’s national parks which have idyllic sandy beaches.

Go there and have a scenic walk. Drive the trails across the ancient limestone pillars of the Pinnacles which are some several metres tall. All these are scattered across the desert, creating an eerie alien like beautiful landscape.

Some of them finish in jagged point while others are high as three and a half metres, and some have rounded domes which resemble tombstones. They are made up of shells. The Pinnacles dates back million years when its sand was beneath the sea. It’s a beautiful landscape. Go on, plan a day trip to this place and see the beautiful desert yourself. It will be an amazing experience of your life.

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  • Visit Nambung National Park
  • Visit The Lobster Shack & Wedge Island Point Beach
  • Last but definitely not least get the best view from Pinnacle by taking a helicopter ride.
  • Where To Dine – Cervantes Bar & Bistro – If you love seafood and lobster this is the perfect place to dine.
  • Where To Stay – Pinnacles Resort – Airlie Beach

4. Kata Tjuta

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Kata Tjuta means ‘many heads’ is also known as the Olgas, it is a group of domed, large rocks formation which is located about 365 km away from Southwest of Alice Springs, which comes under the southern part of the Northern territory that is central Australia.

The big giant stone formations have formed two major known landmarks in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

When it comes to Kata Tjuta, it is actually made up of 36 domes which are spread over an area of more than 20 kilometres.

The highest point here is mount Olga, which is named in honour of Queen Olga. When it comes to beauty, Kata Tjuta National park is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for being a natural as well as for bringing the cultural values within it.

Go to the Kata Tjuta cultural centre to start your journey, and get to know about the significance of the walks around here. You will begin your walks with a more deeper understanding about the formations and the spirit the beautiful place has.

While you are at cultural centre taking the tour of the place, you will also find local artwork which you can buy, snacks, souvenirs, and drinks from stores which have been owned and run by traditional owners.

So, if you are at Kata Tjuta, you have to watch the sunset and sunrise here. Both views offer magnificent, beautiful panoramic views of the domes and it’s just too beautiful to watch it. Just sit and absorb the ever-changing landscape and capture the breath-taking views in your eyes.

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5. Darling Harbour 

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Whether it’s day or night, Darling Harbour is captivating with great entertainment in the heart of Sydney.

From waterfront dining, to amazing wildlife, to great wines and cocktail bars, and late night dancing. It’s a place loved by everyone.

Enjoy your encounters with sharks, koalas and penguins here. Take the kids to an amazing playground and climb all the way to tall ships.

The place is known for its marvellous entertainment that it provides. It includes delicious waterside dinning, enthralling wildlife and what not. Darling Harbour is the place for you if love to explore wildlife and, and if you love to party of course.

In order see the wildlife. Dugongs and penguins are found at sea life Sydney Aquarium. You can get close to giant saltwater crocodile and koalas at the zoo as well. There are number of other fun activities too which you can do. From having amazing cuisine from Sydney Harbour to seeing tall ships at the Australian National Maritime Museum. The

Event calendar of Darling Harbour is wonderful throughout the year. Here, you can world-class shows at ICC Sydney, great number of exhibitions are arranged, amazing theatre all just for visitors and for the sake of their enjoyment. For kids, slides, swings, water games, flying foxes, all these amazing activities are arranged, so they too have the best time of their life here.

So, if you are in Australia, not going here would be a very regretful mistake. And since I don’t want that so here was the brief introduction of this amazing place. Go there and thank me later.

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6. Swan River

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The Swan River is a beautiful river which runs through the metropolitan area of Perth.

The river carves its way through the middle of Perth and joins with the sea. Canning and Helena Rivers, Fed by Avon, the Swan River itself is almost around 60km long.

There are over 130 species of fish inhabit in the river which includes catfish, rays, bull sharks and bream. In the estuary, you will also see Bottlenose dolphins.
When it comes to beauty, I know there are never enough words to appreciate it. But, one of the easiest ways to appreciate the beauty the Swan River has to offer you, is just by taking a walk along its banks.

You will be mesmerized with the peace you will find within yourself. Walking, cycling down the paths of the foreshore, watching the parklands along the water’s edge, everything about this place is just too beautiful. The Narrows Bridge and the Causeway is a well worth taking walk of 10 km.

The cruises which are along the Swan River, they are also popular, they offer amazing fun and people also, love these cruises and are always excited to get this experience too. You can also go with the cheaper option and take a ferry across the harbour.

Jet boating and parasailing are also two activities which take place in the river. They might not be the perfect kind of activities to appreciate the beauty of the river but guarantee to give you one of the best experiences. A blend of beauty and nature is something you would not want to miss watching.

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7. Kings Canyon

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  • Giant Forest Museum & Forester Pass
  • Where To Dine – El Tovar Restaurant at The Grand Canyon
  • Where To Stay – Springfield Lakes Hotel

8. Luna Park (Sidney/Melbourne)

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9. Princes Pier (Melbourne)

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10. Australian Zoo

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