8 Stunning Cities To Visit In Portugal


Lisbon is one of the most stunning cities of Portugal. Being the capital, it’s considered as the most vibrant and charismatic cities in Western Europe. A city which without any efforts blends into traditional heritage which also keeps up with liberal thinking and follows a striking modernism.

1. Lisbon


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The best time to visit Lisbon is spring that is from March to May when the weather is perfect. Days although being sunny and bright provides cool temperature. Another amazing time to visit Lisbon is during its popular Saint Festivities. It is celebrated in the first two weeks of June.

During this, the streets of Lisbon are adorned with traditional dances, streamers, and with pop up BBQs selling their local delights.

It is more recommendable for you to stay near the historic centre, Baixa, Bairro Alto, Chiado. These areas are considered as the heart of Lisbon.

And with staying in these places, all the tourist attractions are on the small walking distance. And if you’re night person and want to experience the nightlife of Lisbon, Bairro Alto is a highly recommended place for that. So, go on, visit this beautiful city and experience all the amazing things by yourself.

Places To Visit Next…


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Places To Visit Next…

  • Albufeira, Lagos, Tavira and Sagres
  • Discover ancient ruins like Cerro da Villa, Castelo de Silves and Roman Ruins of Milreu
  • Last but not least don’t forget about the historic sights and museums
  • Where to eat – Jardim Rustico
  • Hotels to stay – Salema Beach Village 


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Places To Visit Next…


Porto (Norte Region) Portugal

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Places To Visit Next…



Coimbra (Centro Region) – Portugal

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Places To Visit Next…

  • Convent of Christ, Portugal dos Pequenitos & Old Cathedral of Coimbra
  • Jardim Botanico, Torre de Almedina & Chapel of St Michael
  • Where to eat – DUX – Taberna Urbana
  • Where to stay – Hotel Oslo this hotel is situated in the center of Coimbra


Funchal – Madeira

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Places To Visit Next…

  • Pico Do Arieiro, Pico Ruivo & Madeira Botanical Gardens
  • Museu Monte Palace, Madeira Story Centre & Praira Formosa
  • Where to eat – Restaurante Goya
  • Where to stay – Golden Residence Hotel & Pestana Casino Park Hotel & Casino
  • Madeira Islands Tourism Guide


Villa Franca Do Campos – Azores Portugal

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Places To Visit Next…


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Places To Visit Next…


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