50 Best Attractions In Australia


Australia is not only a country but a continent in itself and it consists of six states, namely New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South-Australia and Western Australia. It would be quite a challenge to describe Australia in one word and words that immediately come to mind are sunshine, laughter and relaxation.

This a world full of adventure and surprises and it is one of the most visited countries in the world and the popular ones. It has been quite a challenge to add a list of over 50 attractions or cities to visit in the magnificent country, but finally they all came together like pieces of a puzzle.

  1. Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House -Photo Pixabay.com

The Sydney Opera House is not only one of the best structures ever build, but one of the 20th century’s most popular attractions.

This amazing piece of art was designed by Jorn Utzon and construction was started 2nd March 1959 and officially opened on 20 October 1973.

Not only is the Sydney Opera House one of the most visited attractions in Sydney, but they do offer not only shows but tours as well. Book your tickets today and experience fun, laughter                                                                                                 and arts at its best.

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2. The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef – Photo Pixabay.com

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders. It is the only thing which gets visible on earth from space. The reef is a gathering of vivid coral providing, brilliant, divers who are going to give you one of the best underwater experience every imaginable.

There are many outstanding underwater attractions which includes more than 400 different kinds of coral that is, world’s largest collection of corals. Molluscs, dolphins, rays, more than 200 different types of birds, 1500 tropical fish species, sea turtles, giant clams over 120 years old and 20 type of different reptiles are found here.

Whales migrate from the Antarctic and come here for breeding. The reef is also a habitat for large green turtles and sea cows. Because of its great, great significance, the place has been listed as the Word Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The reef has become one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations. Because of its natural beauty which is both above and below the water’s surface, visitors love it here.

If you love to see marine life, visiting the reef might be the best place for you. There are a great number of activities which the reef offers for visitors. It includes scuba diving, snorkelling, amazing helicopter tours, glass bottomed boat viewing, bare boats, educational trips, whale watching, cruise ship tours and a chance to swim with dolphin. So what are you waiting for? Go the Great Barrier Reef and get one of the most memorable experience of your life.

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3. Uluru Ayers Rock, Australia

image Pixabay.com

Uluru Ayers Rock is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Australia. Ayers Rock resides in Uluru-Kata Tjuta, a national park with a true monolith and a chunk of sandstone, the place looks so impressive.

Ayers Rock because of its history is also considered as the World Heritage Site.

It is about 335kms away from Alice Springs and there are small resort towns in Yulara, a place where visitors come and stay, spend the night.

You can also climb Uluru and explore its base. The base of Uluru is about 10kms by footpath. If you are fit, you can do it in 20 to 30 minutes or the trip could take a good couple of hours. The best time to visit Uluru Ayers Rock is recommended to be summers. And the best time to observe the rock is at sunset and sunrise when it’s giving a breath-taking view to people.

Being there and seeing Uluru changing its colours from terracotta to crimson as the sun sets over in of the unforgettable experiences. Awaking in the morning and seeing the lights changed its colour to bright bold sunny colour, Uluru looks enthralling. A trip to Australia is incomplete without vising Uluru Ayers Rock. Go to this place and add another unforgettable experience in your life which you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

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4. Sydney Harbor Bridge


Sydney Opera House -Photo Pixabay.com

Sydney being the beautiful city that it is attract number of tourists toward it because of the great beauty that this city holds. Here are some of the beautiful places you should visit while you’re in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is considered to be the world’s tallest steel arch bridge. Connecting the city centre with the northern suburbs of Sydney. It is also a very vital link which support Sydney’s transportation infrastructure with around 200,000 cars travelling its length every day.

You probably would be thinking why I’m telling you about a bridge and what’s there to visit? But believe me, this iconic landmark offers many ways to experience its beauty. You can go to BridgeClimb Sydney which actually has been running since the year 1998. You will get to know about the fascinating history of the bridge and what importance it holds in the city. As you make it to the top after climbing, the open vista there provides an unforgettable experience, a view which you are never going to forget.

You can get amazing aerial scenic views by getting in a helicopter and taking a tour. The helicopter tour will make you see amazing spots. You can also hire a kayak or go for a joined guided kayak tour. This way you will get to know some of Sydney’s best beaches and you will get to explore small islands which are on the harbour. The bridge has been shown in many movies, but despite seeing it in the movies go and watch it yourself. There is no better feeling like seeing it yourself.

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5. Blue Mountains (New South Whales)


Blue Mountains Photo Pixabay.com

If you love mountains and loves to explore beautiful things, you are reading the right article. Just 90 minutes’ drive by car from Sydney or two hour by train, Blue Mountains are waiting for you.

The Blue Mountains has some of the greatest attractions of the city. With its breath-taking view, Wentworth Falls lookouts, its echo points.

Everything is so beautiful here you just would not want to leave. These points and sites are among the most popular attraction of the Blue Mountains.

The views from Narrow Neck and Cahills and Sublime Point are no less when it comes to giving viewers a life time of mesmerising experience.

There are many bushy walks which the Blue Mountain offer. It includes long walks, lookouts to depths of the valleys. There are number of tracks from where you can start and enjoy the beauty of these mountains. There is a six foot track which is a challenging track. It is a three day walk along the old road between Jenolan Caves and Katoomba.
The Blue Mountains offers outstanding accommodation, from cabins, to cottages to luxury resorts.

The place makes sure you live comfortably and get to enjoy every bit of the Blue Mountains. Lilianfels Resort and Spa is among the finest glamorous resorts which is built around a stone mansion which is almost a century old. If you are in Sydney, you simply just can’t miss going to the Blue Mountains. Go there and have the best time of your life.

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6. Fraser Island (Australia)


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7. Kakadu National Park 


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8. The Twelve Apostles (Princetown) Victoria


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9. Bondi Beach 

Places To Visit Next…

  • Take a walk along Bonti to Bronte Coastal Walk
  • Visit Port Jackson & visit Bondi OpenAir Cinema
  • Where to eat – Bondi Trattoria
  • Where to stay – Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

10. Royal Botanical Gardens (Melbourne) 

Places To Visit Next…

  • Visit St Kilda Pier
  • St Kilda Botanical Gardens & Luna Park (See picture at bottom)
  • Where to eat – Scopri Restaurant (Melbourne)
  • Places to stay – City Centre Budget Hotel & The Exford Hotel
  • Book an Aboriginal Heritage Tour with Paul at NSW Government

11. Whitsunday Islands 

Places To Visit Next…

  • Visit Catseye Beach & Hamilton Island Marina
  • Whitehaven Beach & Hill Inlet
  • Where to eat – Mariners Restaurant Hamilton
  • Where to stay –  Reef View Hotel & Paradise Bay Island Resort
  • Don’t forget to visit Daydream Island Living Reef
  • Get more info on Tourism on Whitsundays Islands and their tours available.


12. Yarra River (Melbourne)

Places To Visit Next…

  • Visit The Royal Botanical Gardens or take a tram
  • Book a Yarra River Cruise
  • Eat at – Fatto Bar & Cantino or go one step further and start your new journey as a waiter….
  • Where to stay – Melbourne Centre YHA or more luxurious Quest Grand Hotel Melbourne

13. Karijini National Park 




14. The Pinnacles (Namburg)


15. Kata Tjuta 





16- Darling Harbour 




17. Swan River


18. Kings Canyon


19. Luna Park (Sidney/Melbourne)


20. Australian National Maritime Museum

21. Wet Tropics of Queensland

22. Whitehaven Beach

23. Daintree Rainforest

24. Katakoomba Scenic World

25. Lord Ard Gorge



26. London Arch (Peterborough)

27. Art Gallery of New South Wales ( Sidney)

28. Whitewater World (Gold Coast)

29. Tower of Terror at Dreamworld

30. Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge (Sidney)

This might not be the second most favorite attraction but it is definitely the biggest and largest bridge in Sidney (1,627 m)

31. Falls Creek Victoria

32. Thredbo

33. Mount Buller

34. Khancoban

35. Princes Pier (Melbourne)

36. Australian Zoo


37. Graffiti, Melbourne Wall


38. Golden Bee Eureka (Melbourne)

39. Princess Theatre


40. Ferries in Sydney

41. Tours In Sidney

42. Kangaroo Island (Adelaide)

43. Adelaide Sculpture – Hindmarsh Square Playground

44. Rottnest Island (Perth)

45. Jetty Pier (Perth)

46. Explore Perth On A Bicycle

What better way can you think of by not only having fun, share great times but most important get the most out of your holiday?


47. Historic Fremantle (Perth)

48. Litchfield National Park (Darwin)

49. Cascade Brewery (Hobart)


50. Visit Cave Rock (Brisbane)

Cave Rock (Brisbane):
Cave Rock is a private oasis which is over 100 acres. It’s a 90 minutes walk from Brisbane. It is the most perfect place for a family to spend their day together. The cottages here are an ideal place. The cottages in Crave Rock are bordered by pristine Christmas creeks and the ancient escarpments of Scenic Rim surrounds the cottages.

From bushwalking, to swimming, fishing, bird watching or just relaxing. It’s up to whether what you want to do. Go to Cave Rock and forget about the world for a while. When you go there, you will feel yourself getting close to nature. Spending days in mountains, roaming around forests. The whole experience would just be like a dream.

There are number of cottages. Quality accommodation is given to you, no compromise on that. In order to make you come here, providing affordable prices is their commitment. The cottages apart from offering affordable prices, provides amazing comfort, beautiful views from the cottages can be seen.

You can see rainbows, cool breezes touching your face, breath taking sunsets. It’s a place where people go to forget about their problems and just be there for a while. Seeing the nature this close makes them forget about everything in the world.

So, after reading this if you think you are the one who needs a break badly, going there would be the best decision of your life. So, grab this chance and have the most amazing days of your life. This is going be that one decision you are always going to be happy about.

51. South Bank Beach (Australia)

South Bank Beach, Australia:
While you are in Parklands, going to South Bank icon and its streets beach is a must place to go. The only inner city of Australia, which has a man-made beach. The beach is so beautiful here, it is surrounded by sub-tropical plants and white, sandy beaches. Qualified lifeguards are around the beach as it is free to use.

You will see people here of all ages, coming to relax and to get some cool, windy, fresh environment. The beach has a crystal clear lagoon water. With palm trees, and white sandy beaches, they make the place look more beautiful. Near the beach are green lawns, barbeques, sheltered tables which offer amazing food if you want to say for lunch or dinner. South Bank has many cafes, takeaway food points and fine dining restaurants. Forget about cooking for some days and come here not only to enjoy and be by the beach but to have amazing food too.

So, if you a beach person, and want to have an amazing experiences. The cool water, sunny days, swimming and the nearby amazing food places. The place might give you everything that you were looking for, my friend. Because you don’t get to see man-made beaches being built this beautiful. Or do you? Go to this place to just see how beautiful they have made this beach, you will know why people love it here.

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