Places in Namibia to visit – Top 10 Places in Namibia

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Places in Namibia to visit – Top 10 Places in Namibia.

There are so many different reasons to visit Namibia and one them are the fact that Namibia is known as the Gem of Africa. There are over 2500 cheetas in Namibia but photographers absolutely love Namibia. The Kalahari and the Namib desert can be found here as well. Etosha National Park house Africa’s tallest elephants, the rhino and over 80+ different mammals.  Here are a step by step list to keep your family occupied no matter which city in Namibia you decide to visit. Don’t forget to visit Dragon’s Breath, the San Bushmen and be sure to have a look around at the ancient rock paintings. There are so many fantastic reasons to visit Namibia and here are only a few of the most beautiful places in Namibia. 




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10. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is over 8000 square mile located in Namibia. It has been established in 1907 and it rains only a few days each year. There are so much to see like rhinos, the African Buffalo, spotted hyenas, African wildcats and elephants and if not sure what do to don’t worry there’s an 8-Day Flying Namibia Safari from Windhoek which will ensure that your whole stay will be organized from beginning to end.

Visitors can camp here or experience the diverse bird life. and don’t forget to visit the dolomite hills also called Ondundozonananandana.


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9. Big Daddy Dune (Sossusvlei)

The Sossusvlei is located in the Southern part of the Namib Desert and is surrounded by high red dunes. It is well known as one of the tallest dunes in the world. It is well worth it to book a Deadvlei and Sossusvlei Tour by ATV because this will allow your family having lots of fun and forget about the rest. Take this 3 hour tour and experience the different shades of red and brown while the sun is setting.

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8. Kolmanskop Ghost Town (Luderitz)

Luderitz or better known as Ghost Town only has one road and there are so much to do in this small little town. Once you arrive at this little town you will realize that this is one place like no other that you have ever experienced before. Not only can you go on scenic drives around Luderitz or you can visit the Forbidden Zone better known as (Sperrgebiet). Experience lots of history, architecture and go on a harbor cruise in Luderitz.

Special tour

3-Hour Etosha National Park Game Drive – $67.00
Etosha Pan is situated in Etosha National Park and with the largest salt pan in Africa, were you will embark a game drive for 3 hours. You won’t just explore the pans but different kinds of animals like lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, cheetah, hyena, mountain and plains zebra, steenbok, kudu, gemsbok, eland jackal, bat-eared fox, warthog, honey badger, ground squirrel and many more. The Park is home to 114 species one can go for a morning, afternoon or night game drive.


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7. Twyfelfontein (Damaraland)

Twyfelfontein has been inhabited over 6000 years ago until after World War II. Twyfelfontein is situated in the Valley of Kunene Region of Namibia. The area consist of semi desert, savanna and shrubland and it lies south of Sesfontein to Khorixas. The rocks are covered with thousands of paintings and there are quite a few places to visit like the Organ Pipes, Brandberg Mountain, Burnt Mountain, The White Lady, Damara Living Museum and Spitzkoppe.

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6. Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is not only located in the south of Namibia but it is the largest canyon in Africa and the second most visited attraction in Namibia. The Fish River Canyon has got the most amazing sunset. Hikers absolutely love this area and  consists of a 4-5 day hiking trail but to get the most out of Fish River Canyon it is better to experience the 7-Day Southern Namibia Tour from Windhoek: Namib Desert, Swakopmund, Fish River Canyon and Walvis Bay

Don’t forget to visit the Ai-Ais hot spring resort. Top things to do at the Fish River Canyon are visiting Diaz Point, NamibRand Nature Reserve and visiting Spitzkoppe.

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5. Namib Desert

Namibia is an unfathomable nation — 825,418 square kilometers of beautiful, shifted scenes rendered in high-differentiate shading film. It is no big surprise that this quiet country is a most loved among picture takers, particularly the Sossusvlei sand hills or the renowned worldwide however dreaded Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert, the dazzling profundities of Fish River Canyon, and the unlimited fields of the Kaokoveld.

Unusually molded shake developments, lethargic volcanoes and monster dinosaur impressions round out the differing qualities of this stark, hauntingly lovely land. These elements give such a great amount of assortment to your touring. For the more creative eye, the tones, surfaces and types of these scene highlights have made Namibia a prominent goal among picture takers.

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4. Spitzkoppe (Damaraland)

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3. Swakopmund Museum


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2. Petrified Forest, Klorixas

The Petrified Forest is located about 40 kilometres west of Namibia. It got its name from tree trunks that have turned into stone through a proses of diagenesis. It is also a national monument proclaimed on March 1st, 1950 and the tree trunks are over 200 million years old.

7-Day Southern Namibia Tour from Windhoek: Namib Desert, Swakopmund, Fish River Canyon and Walvis Bay – $1,685.02

Discover the wild and diverse beauty of southern Namibia on this 7-day, small-group tour from Windhoek. Experience the savannas of the Kalahari Desert, and walk the rim of Fish River Canyon, the world’s second largest canyon. Marvel at the famous Sossusvlei dunes and make your way through a ravine at Sesriem Canyon. Learn about Quiver Tree Forest and the wildlife that roam the Namib Desert plains. Finish your odyssey with strolls through the seaside towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Numbers limited to 10 people, ensuring a small-group experience.


Skeleton Coast and Shipwreck Tour in a 4×4 Vehicle: Full Day Guided Tour from Swakopmund – $115.88

Enjoy a full day guided tour along the Namibian Skeleton Coast to the Zeila Wreck and Cape Cross Seal Colony.

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1. Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast is situated on the isolated Coast of Namibia. the coast is largely soft sand interrupted by coast line. This name is sometimes used to describe the whole Namibia which is mainly isolated but beautiful. A few interesting things to do while staying in Namibia is to fly over this desolated coast. Hike the Ugab River Trail, visit the Cape Cross Seal Colony at Skeleton Coast where you can see up to 300 000 seals or fish along Henties Bay which is dedicated to angling and deep sea fishing.

A few interesting facts about Namibia…

  1. The cost of living is quite high because most products need to be imported.
  2. Tourism creates about 14% of tens of thousands of jobs in Namibia.
  3. The most visited places are Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast and The Fish River Canyon.
  4. The weather seems to basically stay the same all year round.
  5. April 2011 one of the biggest floods hit Namibia.
  6. There are many opportunities for volunteer work in Namibia.
  7.  Dunes make up 35% of all the deserts in Namibia.
  8. Don’t underestimate Namibia. There are so much to do and to learn about. Namibia Business School offers so many different courses even short ones.
  9. Another website to check out is the Namibia High Commission. They specialize in visa requirements, registration of Nationals as well as Safety and Security. They can be contacted at
  10.  It is interesting to catch up on the daily news even if you are not a news fan, especially if you are in another country. Be sure to check out Namibian Sun online newspaper.
  11. Be sure to check out the video on president George Bushes arrival in Namibia.
  12. Not sure what to wear during your visit to Namibia? No problem get your forecast 24/7 here.
  13. If you love skydiving for fun or as a hobby don’t miss Skydive4Fun. 

Sometimes it is surprising to find that even famous people come from this stunning Namibia… like Adam Levine’s Wife. Some people can’t even pronounce Namibia because it is so Afrikaans but so down to earth. Visit this beautiful country where you will find a lot more than you have bargained. Don’t be surprised if you need to want to go back again and again. It is a world in its own and a world that you can’t describe to anybody else unless you have experienced it.

“We recognize that poverty has no borders. Neither does excellence. We are continually in search of the brightest, most talented individuals from around the globe.” –




 Safari Travel Tips

Before venturing on that plane for a superb safari enterprise, arrange like there’s no tomorrow. You will thank your self for being precautious when confronted with untoward occurrences.

Here are the essential things you ought to consider while going on a safari travel:

1. Keep in mind that it is one trying attempt.

Arranging a safari can be a standout amongst the most energizing deeds one can ever figure out how to make happen. It is not one of the non specific voyages, normal jetsetters enjoy. Despite the fact that you are furnished with a visit leaflet and a vacationer direct, regardless it is ideal to explore all alone in regards to the different agendas.

2. Best spots for safari ought to be spotted.

The most proposed parts of Africa to appreciate safari incorporate East and Central Africa, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

3. Plan for the atmosphere.

It is an unquestionable requirement to know the occasional patterns and how they will influence your travel. In any case, likewise recall that the climate is flighty disapproved of so you can never truly precisely anticipate the result of your travel in the event that you will base it one the climate alone.

In the event that you will visit East and Central Africa, long rains begin ahead of schedule in April to early June. Short rains flourish amid late November to December.

Southern Africa has its blustery season from late November through mid-April for the safari zones. In any case, amid that time, it will be summer in Southern Cape.

When one lean towards Indian and Ocean Islands he or she can anticipate that the occasional pattern will be more similar to of that of Southern Africa. In these islands, summer rains last from November through April. Violent winds can likewise be experienced amid those seasons. From May to October, the dry season happens.

4. Pick your exercises.

Among others, safari voyaging offers these sensational exercises:

a. gorilla trekking

b. cruising

c. bird watching

d. participatory outdoors

e. self driving

5. Recognize what you can bear.



While picking a trek, spending imperatives ought to never be disregarded. Settle on a value range that you can take a shot at. To make your planning more viable consider the level of extravagance of your safari travel, length of your trek, exercises, facilities inclinations, dinners and season.

6. Decide your travel style.

Do you lean toward your safari to be more lavish, direct or provincial? Will you give kids a chance to follow along? Is it accurate to say that you are going with a gathering or will you be one striking, autonomous explorer? Will you go via air or street? Shouldn’t something be said about your guide and your vehicle?

Noting those inquiries will pretty much enhance your review of your fantasy safari travel.

Have a great time!

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